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🧲️ Go from Unseen to Stand Out even if your niche is super crowded and full of me-me-me coach vibes

🧲️ Craft offers that excite and attract, without selling yourself out

🧲️ Sign soul clients who come to you with that "ready to pay" energy

You want to know how? You bet you do!

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In this Messaging Checklist, you will uncover:


➡️ The 3 worst messaging mistakes most coaches make (and how to avoid them and save months!)

➡️ Why your ideal clients have evaded you so far (it's not what you think!)

➡️ The secret messaging ingredient all ambitious coaches need to know so you can get on with signing soul clients

➡️ Your step-by-step formula to creating "Here's my money!" messaging without being a slave to content creation

➡️ PLUS: Why most advice on messaging out there is entirely wrong

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Who is Joanna Ingram?

Brand Messaging Strategist and Business Coach
Energy Curator
Former Advertising Agency Director 

My mission is to help ambitious women like you unlock your income and impact potential through Magnetic Messaging™️ and energetic alignment.

My unique and proven Magnetic Messaging Method™️ comes from :

  • 18+ years Ad Agency experience helping diverse global multi-million pound advertisers like Microsoft, John Paul Gaultier, Aviva, and J&J to reach and convert their audiences
  • Running action-inspiring global workshops for new women coaches 
  • Overcoming burnout through energetic modalities and training as a Pranic Healer, Breathwork facilitator, and Law Of Attraction Coach
  • Scaled my income from zero to $10k months and then $5k weeks
  • Launched & nurtured my Goals With Soul podcast to the top 5% global ranking

  • Invested over $50,000 in my personal and professional development
  • Been mentored by the best business, life, and spiritual coaches in the industry 

I continue to invest time, energy, and financial resources into my own growth and leadership to enable me to provide you the best available coaching and mentorship.

Where we use testimonials or reviews which show the success of previous clients, these examples do not guarantee that you will achieve the same or similar results. Your success will be dependent on your own efforts, experience and personal circumstances which are all factors outside of our control and therefore we make no guarantee that any particular results or success is achieved. We make no guarantee, representation or warranty that any results can be achieved through your purchase or use of the resources provided by Jo Ingram (KES Resource Ltd).