(Even if you felt drained or under-valued by mismatched clients in the past) 


Authentically and unapologetically conveying the value of what you do, how you're different, and why amazing souls should work with you is the difference between attracting clients who make you dread looking at your calendar and clients who light your soul on fire 🔥

AND it’s the key to igniting your visibility and positioning yourself as the go-to industry expert your perfect-match clients book on repeat 💗

In this free training, you'll discover:

✨ Discover the REAL reason you’re attracting low-vibe clients & how to avoid it (and it’s got nothing to do with your copywriting skills or marketing game-plan).

✨ Learn the 3 key ingredients necessary for expressing your intuitive brilliance that reflects the expansiveness of your work instead of shrinking it (& it’s not some clever niching exercise).

✨ Uncover how to articulate the value of what you offer without using practices that don't align with your values or seem inauthentic to your true self (that NOBODY else is telling you).

✨ Feel ENERGIZED and never second-guess your true purpose again 'coz your clients are sending you “you’ve changed my life, I don’t know how to thank you!” voice notes.



What my clients say...đź’—


Hi! I'm Joanna

Brand Messaging Consultant & Business Coach, Ex-Advertising Agency Director & Host of the Leading Podcast, Goals With Soul

As a Brand Messaging Specialist, I've seen what happens when you call in clients who aren't a great fit.  You work even harder to prove yourself, and although the income may flow (at least at first), your energy and visibility plummets, you dread your client calls, you hit a long-term sales plateau, and you can easily fall out of love with your business.

I'm dedicated to helping visionary women like you unlock your next-level income AND reignite your passion for your clients and business through the "heart articulation" of our unique Brand EPICS process®️ and unlocking your unique Aligned Client Code™️.

Because you CAN have a business that makes wild abundance, creates potent impact, AND lights you up.

My unique approach comes from:

  • 20+ years marketing & ad agency experience helping multi-million-pound advertisers like Microsoft, John Paul Gaultier, and Johnson & Johnson to reach and convert their audience
  • Overcoming burnout through energetic modalities and training as a Pranic Healer, Breathwork Facilitator, and Law Of Attraction Mentor
  • Facilitating Breathwork For Business and Intuition workshops 
  • Went from permanent scarcity vibes to feeling 100% at ease with 6-figures on my bank statement
  • Launched & nurtured my Goals With Soul podcast to the top 2% global ranking

  • Invested over $50,000 in my personal and professional development
  • Been mentored by the best business, life, and spiritual coaches in the industry 

I continue to invest time, energy, and financial resources into my own growth and leadership to enable me to provide you with the best available coaching and mentorship.