Invitation to work with me 1-to-1


This is an invitation to established, talented, and intuitive coaches and healers who've been playing small and hiding their unique brilliance while working with misaligned and draining clients…

…and want to sell their offers to premium clients at higher prices by articulating the value of their transformational work to successfully uplevel and reposition themselves within their industry - without working harder.

These are the options to work with me for a short, initial collaboration of 4 weeks or over a longer term (3 or 6 months).

All collaborations, regardless of length, begin with my initial 4-week process, which includes the following:

1) Identify your unique brilliance in words and individual brand positioning to clarify what exactly makes you stand out in your crowded industry, and put into words what will attract the clients you most want to work with.

You may already have brand positioning that's served you well in the past (maybe several iterations!), but you know it isn't right for your future self and next-level business results.

Here, we'll get crystal clear on what combination of your experience, personality, struggles, passion, and skills to highlight and leverage to attract premium, perfect-match clients.

My zone of genius is seeing your true gifts and articulating them in potent words that convey the intrinsic value of your offers.

I combine 20 years of marketing experience with intuitive downloads and unicorn 5/1 Reflector energy using my proven and unique Brand EPICS®️ process (which a client recently called 'business therapy that reads what's on my heart' 💖).

2) Together, we identify the levers to attract your elevated, perfect-fit client who will appreciate the value of your work, jump into your offers with 'hell yes' energy, and light your soul on fire.

Deeply knowing and understanding your elevated client avatar challenges the way you see yourself and your talents. This aspect of our work powerfully shifts and upgrades your approach to your offers and pricing by defining their desired outcome and why you're the perfect partner to help them achieve it.

By matching your unique brilliance with what your dream clients want the most, we short-cut their decision-making process by creating messaging that positions you as the 'only one' they should consider. 

3) Getting into words (i.e. written content) the potency of your repositioning so your soul clients just 'get it.'

Signing premium clients is all about speaking to them in an elevated way, helping them shift old, unhelpful beliefs, positioning you as the expert, and showing a deep trust in their ability to achieve the outcomes they seek from their work with you.  

Together, we craft hooks and ideas that will help you generate content that calls to your most empowered clients while repelling energy-draining people—content that you can call on for months to come. We'll create examples to make this straightforward and repeatable so you can easily produce posts, videos, or even podcast interviews. 

4) Bonus material: If you feel called, I'll share feedback on how you may be misaligning your energetics and repelling premium clients and how to make immediate shifts to allow spaciousness for higher-level clients to enter your world.

Not everyone wants these things because they may already have a proven energetic approach that's working for them, but I've found many of my clients unlock their potential with my birds-eye view of what's taken them off-track and the shifts available by following my Business Manifest-o™️ process and Soul Client Attraction Activations.

This is the end of the 4-week initial process.

For those interested in working with me over the longer term, our focus is usually on expanding your new positioning into tangible business assets, such as refining your signature offer & promise, developing messaging on your website & other online promo places, and regularly conveying your unique expertise and approach with a bespoke framework and content that stands out and sells your offers.

I also include elements of done-for-you work, like editing copy for your posts or website, developing your framework wording and visuals, and refining/simplifying your signature offer deliverables so you can connect the dots of your messaging from first contact with your dream client…to a finalized contract.

Sometimes, we also expand on the brand narrative by honing your brand values, mission, and thought-leader opinions to supercharge your brand authority and implement your new messaging with aligned marketing approaches, including detailed direction on podcast hosting or guesting (utilizing my experience as a top 2% podcast host with over 25k downloads on Goals With Soul).

What's included?

In both my short-term and long-term private engagements, you get 1-to-1 Zoom calls, written assignments, unlimited support between our calls, and an invitation to monthly 'Breathwork For Business' sessions to help access and activate your intuition.

Who's the best fit to work with me?

To be a good fit for us to work together, you must already have a transformative offer that has created successful outcomes for paying clients.

It's okay if you're keen to evolve or pivot your audience or offer, want to start some aspects from scratch - or keep it all the same! 

You'll also have action-taker, self-trust energy, and be comfortable managing key bits of your own marketing content & tech (don't worry - no expert funnel building necessary!😉)

If you're unsure whether you’re a good fit for my work, we can discuss it further on Instagram DM


2.8k USD for the initial 4-week engagement.

For longer-term work:

6k USD/3 months

10k USD/6 months

If you're interested in working together, send me an Instagram DM

Share with me an idea of where you currently are with your client attraction/sales/pricing, what kinds of clients you're working with now, and what you'd like to change.

I'd also love to know what specifically about my services attracts you and what you're most called to work on together.

See you in the DMs! 🙂

P.S. If you'd like to access my unique approach, key 1-to-1 sessions, and get laser-coaching on regular intimate group calls while getting access to limited-time founder member rates, RADIATE (my new hybrid-group messaging program) may be spot on for you: Here's more info about RADIATE.

P.P.S. If you fit most of the criteria above but are newer to the industry and earning less than $2k per month on average, I open 6 spots per year at a preferential rate to set you up with unique brand positioning, offer development, and marketing foundations (by application only).

Pricing: 3.8k USD/3 months

Here's the preferential rate application form.

Any questions? Send me an Instagram DM, and let's chat xo