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Automatically position yourself as the sought-after thought leader and attract soulmate clients on repeat that make every session a blast


You don't attract the clients you want; you attract the clients based on who you are and how you articulate your unique brilliance to your people.




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I closed 3 new aligned clients so quickly and already doubled my return on investment

...taking me to the next level in my business in a way I could not do for myself.

- Kara

Growth Strategist

I crossed 6-Figs, but then you opened the door on what I was missing

...banishing the 'stale' and bringing my messaging and content 'alive' again!

- Anna

Business Coach

I am finally aligned with the clients I've wanted to work with all along!

...and now I'm connecting with them, and seeing them join my highest level program.

- Gennye

New Earth Energy Mentor



Fast-paced, ambitious, and super-smart coaches like you are frequently driven down a narrow path that leaves you over-delivering for unappreciative clients, questioning what you're truly meant for, and close to burnout (again!).
In an industry that's over-focused on just the next revenue target, you find yourself creating fleeting satisfaction when you know in your heart that you can have BOTH income and impact without compromising your joy, sustainability, and soul alignment.



What if there was a way to effortlessly attract dream clients on repeat without the hustle?


What would it feel like to have...


ūüėĄ¬†Creativity just flowing out of you,¬†where you spend just¬†1 hour per week creating content, and you get a constant flow of DMs from people eager to work with you?


ūüėĄ¬†Your calendar has lots of breathing space as you only deliver what you really love most?¬†


ūüėĄ¬†You have time to spend with family and friends, go to Yoga on a Monday morning, and finally live in harmony¬†with your business?


ūüėĄ¬†Your soulful messaging does the heavy lifting for you, automatically attracting soulmate clients and elevating your expertise and authority


ūüėĄ¬†You get to choose to work with perfect-match clients you adore - on repeat

With more than 20 years of experience as an Ad Agency Director, pranic healer that's helped 100s of soulful coaches and healers, here's what I discovered...


The most PERFECT clients flow effortlessly when using a SOULFUL messaging strategy…


After I'd tried a zillion other tactics, I FINALLY found a way to break free from plateaued income and energy-draining clients me more breathing space to welcome next-level sales and dream client transformations ūü•įÔłŹ


I had NEVER seen this strategy anywhere before; and to birth it into existence took me 20-years as an Ad Agency Director, combined with pranic healing expertise…


- and not forgetting 3-months of crying-in-the-kitchen level burnout ūüė¨


The SOULFUL MESSAGING STRATEGY doesn't just attract the type of clients you adore, it also:  


>> Uplevels your coaching business and boosts your income.

>> Amplifies your visibility and makes you the go-to person in your niche.

>> Helps you avoid burnout or needing to come up with a new offer AGAIN hoping this time you'll attract the right people.

>> Gives you the time freedom in your calendar so you have lots of breathing space.

>> Increases creativity that just flows out of you, where you spend just 1 hour per week creating content.


And it does all this without hustling away like a content-factory, not knowing the *right* things to say to get those 'hell yes' clients to jump into your DMs, emails, and offers.

If you want to welcome results like these, and be paid to share your unique brilliance, it's time to join harness your aligned client attraction:

I just did my first $100k launch - and couldn't have done it without the work we did together! 

And the best thing is that I feel completely different about my business - thank you!

- Lori

Spiritual Catalyst

We created a program that lit me up and starting attracting dream clients as soon as I shared it.

My outlook has shifted, changing the trajectory of my business, and life.

- Mary-Louisa

Intuitive Embodiment Coach

I feel like I've finally broken through a huge brick wall in my business

- I can take up the space I *really* want to with complete confidence, and accelerate my growth

- Caroline

Executive Coach

 so, how do we acheive this?

 The RADIATE Success Path is made up of 3 crucial phases, each one curated to give you unapologetic access to your deepest messaging expression and client attraction without the guesswork.


And it's done via my¬†ALIGNED CLIENT CODE‚ĄĘÔłŹ:


The new standard when it comes to unlocking client attraction...with effective marketing integrity and alignment


The complete blueprint is included in my proven Aligned Client Code‚ĄĘÔłŹ, the one-of-a-kind method that catalyzes soul client attraction for my clients ‚Äď even in the most crowded niche AND‚Ķunlocks uplifting content creation, joyful marketing, and a calendar full of energizing client sessions ūüėć


...and finally, creates *happy-dance* ROI from sales pages, audience growth, industry thought-leadership, ease in content marketing, and audacious¬†courage to be highly visible as the sought-after coach in your industry¬†ūüíÉūüŹĹ


Here's how it works...


+ Elevated Messaging
+ Expressed Marketing
+ Embodied Energetics



This unique system is how my ambitious clients are able to stand out in their industry and consistently attract energizing, next-level clients.

That's why I'm so excited to share the Aligned Client Code‚ĄĘÔłŹ with you - so you can wave¬†goodbye to the marketing treadmill and focus on doing what you love most in your business (and life!).


so, how do we do this? 





Exclusively for established, visionary coaches & healers who want to attract high vibe, energizing clients, and uplevel their impact & income with supercharged messaging that magnetizes your soul clients.

RADIATE is the 6-month live hybrid-group coaching program designed to free you from hiding your brilliance behind daily over-efforting - so you can express elevated messaging and show up visibly to attract the premium clients you MOST want to work with.



This experience is one of a kind because...


>> No other messaging or marketing program addresses the three essential components that match soulful coaches & healers with their high-vibe clients in a way that feels aligned and in full integrity.


>> This high-touch program includes ALL THE ELEMENTS you need to uplevel your client attraction, including three 1:1 sessions to co-create know, like, and trust that gets you booked full with your favorite clients. 


>> Combining energetics with messaging and marketing is often the missing piece that truly aligns you with high-vibe clients you most want to work with.


>> I act as your co-creator to divine the brand messaging and industry positioning that joins the dots of your unique brilliance. 


So, if you've tried and failed in business programs before, because your messaging clarity didn't vibe with your perfect-fit clients, these 3 phases in RADIATE will create the big, permanent shifts that mean you can make ANY strategy a success: 


Let's break those phases down in detail for you...

phase one


Never wonder what to say in your marketing's time to drop the comparisons for good and create messaging clarity that supercharges your unique brilliance.

We start with a 1-to-1 deep dive to get you fast-action messaging clarity and industry positioning that aligns with your deepest truth.

You will clarify and articulate your elevated zone of genius using my proven Brand EPICS‚ĄĘÔłŹ Process to:

✨ Create a clear picture of where your zone of genius is missing from your current messaging; and how to align your next-level soul’s work in your message.
‚ú® Identify your dream clients and what they need to know to fall head over heels in love with your offer.
✨ Craft a unique offer promise & unique framework that elevates you as the expert in your industry (with a bonus Aligned Offer 1:1 Session!). you can get next-level brand messaging clarity to match your inner uplevel, create stand-out positioning, and attract five-star, energized clients without overthinking what to say ever again.


phase two


No matter how great your brand messaging is, it isn't going to attract dream clients if it stays stuck in your Google Drive! 

If your marketing calendar has gone quiet like you're avoiding a Mercury Retrograde's time to change all of that!

✨ Develop your personal Aligned Marketing Plan so you love showing up authentically while staying in the full integrity of your own marketing likes and dislikes (with a bonus Aligned Marketing 1:1 session).

✨ Implement practical ways to elevate your authority through your marketing, positioning yourself as the sought-after thought-leader you truly are.
‚ú® Learn how to elevate your attraction content so it becomes a magnet for your soul-aligned clients with influential brand stories, cut-through points of view, and a powerful brand mission. you can create content that will cut-through the noise in your niche and create a 'where can I sign!' client attraction.


phase three


If behind-the-scenes of your business evokes low-frequency vibrations, causing you to feel overwhelmed or frustrated, it blocks the power of your messaging - and can leave you stuck attracting clients in scarcity, low motivation, and inaction.

Attracting elevated clients starts with creating the energetics congruent with the qualities you desire in your next-level clients. 

We’re talking about creating loving boundaries to empower your clients, playing big, and taking action that synergizes with your greatest vision. 

This creates energetic congruence for your most desirable clients to align with you.

✨ Create immense shifts with the Biz Energy Manifesto, a unique strategy for powering-up your boldest business moves yet!
‚ú® Learn to take action from intuition, finally letting go of the over-thinking and self-doubt habits that keep you over-efforting for too little reward with regular LIVE Breathwork & Business Energetics sessions.
‚ú® Banish the beliefs that limit your potential, with a core focus on the ambitious coach's 'play-small triumvirate' of Perfectionism, Imposter Syndrome, and Fear of Judgment. being YOU in your marketing is finally flowing with ease. 

These are the types of results available to you when you apply these three phases:

180 people visited our sales page, and 44 ticket sales - brilliant!! 

...I tested our theories with a very soft approach...highest conversion to date of 25%!


Spiritual Coach

I signed three new clients this week - but that's not even the best bit!  

...the best thing is that they are PERFECT FIT!  Never felt so excited to coach new clients before!"


Nutrition Coach

I'm literally flooded with ideas for my messaging now!

...I could feel energetic shifts taking place, you've literally activated something inside of me.


Psychic Medium & Mentor

Book an Alignment Call today to see if this is the right next step for you!

>> YES! To Aligned Soul Clients!

High-touch support that's unprecedented...


RADIATE has been thoughtfully crafted to create a balance of self-actualization and incredible co-creation support to invite inspirational breakthroughs and implementation.

We deliver this in 5 core ways, designed to support you in creating FAST breakthroughs in articulating the value of your work and to create marketing and content in integrity with your unique brilliance:



1:1¬†Brand EPICS¬ģÔłŹ¬†Messaging¬†Intensive


Immediate brand messaging alchemy where we’ll co-create your elevated brand positioning to align with your most potent gifts and your most desirable, perfect-match client avatar. 

In this one-to-one intensive, you’ll get crystal clear on:

* Your specific, aligned and authentic brand messaging so you can finally articulate it with ease

* Who your perfect client really is, and how to evoke resonance with their deep desires

* Your action plan to take your messaging to the next level with unapologetic visibility 

This deeply emotive and effective session rocket-fuels your new messaging clarity, which you can IMMEDIATELY utilize in your marketing, website, paid ads, and free content!




6-Months access to the RADIATE Curriculum 

PLUS 2x Bonus 1:1 Sessions


Learn how to apply your elevated brand messaging with content that magnetizes and authority that sells.  This is where your messaging gets real (no good if your amazing new messaging stays as a bunch of print-outs on your overflowing desk)…show up with new energy and an aligned marketing strategy with expert-positioning routes to generate leads. 

We’re talking sustainable, joyful marketing that will position you as the industry thought leader in your true zone of genius.

With 9 key areas of training, I break it down into simple modules you can follow with ease and implement as you go.

Within the self-paced portal, you'll learn all of the steps to take you from hiding to stand-out as you articulate your messaging and express your true brilliance.

When you have completed the Aligned Offer & Aligned Marketing Modules, you're invited to book additional 1:1 sessions to consolidate your approach & brainstorm your ideas.



LIVE Group Coaching


When you join RADIATE, you don't just get pre-recorded content.

You also get LIVE intimate coaching during the two group coaching calls every month, which creates the perfect balance of support and implementation.

These calls are your opportunity to ask anything! I'll be on hand to give you dedicated custom lazer coaching - and help you apply your messaging and swiftly sidestep those pesky energetic and mindset stumbling blocks.

You'll also benefit from your fellow¬†members' questions, experiences, and insights into how they are applying the Algined Client Code‚ĄĘÔłŹ in their business.



Energetic Business Upgrades:

'Breathwork For Business' and Energetic Uplevel Sessions


One of the unique things about RADIATE, that you won’t find in any other messaging or business program, is that we combine proven marketing methods with access to energetic alignment.

You’ll get access to monthly Breathwork Sessions to create game-changing shifts in accessing your intuition, and massive breakthroughs that have a huge impact on your messaging and results.

If you feel blocked and you’re missing clarity as you go through the process, these sessions give you the opportunity to access a 'flow' way of thinking.

There are also Energetic Uplevel Sessions where you'll learn - LIVE - the fundamentals to perfect-fit client attraction so you can apply them immediately in your business.

I’m excited to include these energetic upgrades as part of RADIATE to support you in getting fast, energizing, and permanent results.


Private RADIATE Facebook Community


Whatever stage you're at in your journey, being in a small, intimate community with other women who share your vision is a game-changer.

Our FB Group is the place to:

* Get answers to your questions from me and other RADIATE members. Can't wait for a coaching call? We'll support you within the FB Community, no matter how big or small your question is!

* Celebrate your wins - and be inspired by other like-minded coaches who are mastering their messaging in the most inspiring ways.

* Stay accountable to your higher-self alignment - some days feel tougher than others, and this is a no judgment zone to keep you on track.

I believe that community is key for building an aligned business, and your next biz bestie may just be here in RADIATE! 


Here's how you'll receive support:


‚úĒÔłŹ¬†1:1 Brand EPICS¬ģÔłŹ Messaging Intensive to immediately access your authentic brand positioning & messaging clarity.

Co-create your authentic messaging and industry positioning with me, and uncover and articulate your aligned avatar soulmate match.

‚úĒÔłŹ 6-Months access to the Aligned Client Code‚ĄĘÔłŹ Curriculum, including 10 in-depth training modules

Covering everything you need to clarify, articulate, express, and succeed with your messaging.

‚úĒÔłŹ Twice per month LIVE group coaching sessions

Get answers to specific questions about your business messaging and banish the mindset gremlins standing between you and audacious client attraction growth.

‚úĒÔłŹ¬†Two BONUS 1:1 Sessions

To support your unique implementation of your Aligned Offer & Marketing.

‚úĒÔłŹ¬†Monthly 'Breathwork For Business' Sessions

Intuition is a business strategy that cuts through the over-thinking mind-chatter and creates game-changing insights every month!

‚úĒÔłŹ Energetic Uplevel Sessions

Learn how to align your business actions with Energetics that upgrade your soulmate client attraction

‚úĒÔłŹ¬†Exclusive access to the¬†RADIATE Facebook Community

Share the insights of other aligned coaches on the same path, and get answers whenever you need support.'ll walk away with stand-out brand positioning, a marketing plan that creates visibility with ease, AND a coaching business centered on working with clients you adore... 

Join RADIATE, the aligned 6-month journey for soulful coaches & healers ready to attract their soul clients on repeat


Immediate start for only $697

  • 1:1 Messaging Breakthrough Intensive
  • Additional 1:1 support to align your offer & marketing
  • My co-creation of your industry positioning and soul client avatar
  • 2 live group calls per month for messaging & marketing support
  • Business Energetic Breathwork and Strategy Sessions
  • Immediate access to market-leading curriculum
  • 24/7 community


Save $685 when you pay in full

  • 1:1 Messaging Breakthrough Intensive
  • Additional 1:1 support to align your offer & marketing
  • My co-creation of your industry positioning and soul client avatar
  • 2 live group calls per month for messaging & marketing support
  • Business Energetic Breathwork and Strategy Sessions
  • Immediate access to market-leading curriculum
  • 24/7 community

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Ready to uplevel your client attraction?


Apply now and book an Alignment Call to see if this is the right next step for you!


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The fact of the matter is... 


Too many talented and soulful coaches are wasting time, money and energy on activities that are not giving them return on investment. Like...

ūüė¨ Another certification because they don't feel good enough yet.

ūüė¨ Dabbling in paid ads, hiring a social media manager, and buying $27¬†IG reels training because it seems like the holy grail to growth.

ūüė¨ Giving their brand a new lick of paint with the help of a copywriter, website designer, or branding designer (I call these brand bandaids¬†because they deal with the symptoms, not the cause!).¬†

ūüė¨ Joining a high-level mastermind full of driven women learning a proven business strategy, who all seem to be nailing it but you.

Here's the thing...your business is not broken (even if you're feeling tired of it right now!). 

You just haven't felt wholly in alignment with your messaging in a while (or maybe ever) and it's this SINGLE, ESSENTIAL foundation that is holding you back.

Once you have messaging clarity and elevate how you articulate your brand value, ALL other activities, including every single one listed above, will transform into amazing opportunities (as long as they're in integrity and alignment with your vision, of course!).

It's really simple, but not necessarily easy, to identify your brand positioning and unique messaging - that's where I come in to co-create your uplevel with you!

So don't sit around and wait for *another* sign - you're here for a reason! 


Frequently asked questions...


You Can Start Today...

If you're an ambitious, soulful coach or healer that knows your work changes lives and are ready to attract your most aligned and energizing clients, let's make it happen ('cos you're not someone who settles for working with clients who don't appreciate your gifts).

>> yes! I'm all in!
Disclaimer: Earnings and income representations made by Joanna Ingram, and their advertisers/sponsors are statements only of your results potential. The examples used are not intended to be and are not a guarantee that you or others will achieve the same results. Individual results will always vary, and yours will depend entirely on your individual capacity, work ethic, business skills, and experience, level of motivation, diligence in applying the program, the economy, the normal and unforeseen risks of doing business, and other factors.